1996 Buick Roadmaster
Limited Estate Wagon

This light blue Roadmaster was purchased from Fred of North Star Auto. I arrived at his lot hoping to find a suitable replacement for my previous 96 Roadmaster. While a rusty New York car, it looked very clean and runs quite nicely.

Fred spent a couple days repairing a few issues with the car. He also swapped the Limited blue leather seats for a set of 'standard' Roadmaster cloth seats. I find them quite comfortable and really wanted a cloth interior for a change. I installed my Caprice wheels on the car as well as my SStreetlights headlamps.

I drove the car home from NY with zero problems. Here are a few pictures taken the day after I got home with the car. Hadn't even had time to clean it up from the trip!

I don't plan on making any real changes to this car. It was purchased mainly as a winter 'beater' car so that the Caddy isn't exposed to nasty winter road salt and such. Though we'll see, I've yet to manage not to mod one of these cars somehow!

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