1996 Buick Roadmaster
Limited Estate Wagon

13 October 2006 -
Well this page is badly in need of an update! 2006 has seen quite a few changes to Roadmonster. Shortly after my last update, the fuel pump decided to go bye bye. So a couple trips to the mechanic, new pump, and a tuneup later, he's running great again! Wagon Fest 2006 was well attended and Roadmonster made the trip flawlessly. My new SStreetlights were installed prior as well. Here are a couple pictures for your enjoyment.

Here are the lights installed.

New hood! I was getting REALLY tired of that rust hole over the light.

Had the windows tinted too. 15% in the cargo area. Really helps cooling!

A picture of Roadmonster at WagonFest, taken by Brokecello from ISSF.

15 March 2006 -
Not really much more in the way of updates. I am continually amazed at how reliable this car has been for me. The odometer ticked past 220,000 miles last week and the engine still runs very smooth. I'm hoping to have the windows tinted before summer gets here. With all that glass, the car gets unbearably hot in the summer months.

September 2005 -
I've decided that since this car is my daily driver, I won't be doing many modifications other than those which improve driveability and general comfort. I replaced the factory AM/FM/Cassette radio with an OEM Oldsmobile radio of the same design which added a CD player as well as a Monsoon amp built in. Much improved. I also installed my XM Sky-Fi radio in the car for commercial free music.

Since these pictures (a year now) I have cleaned the car up a little more. I found some black tape that perfectly covers the lower chrome where the rubber used to be. It really helps the look of the car a lot. I also actually found some replacement door panels in decent shape. I have three of the four although I really only needed the drivers door. I hope to get that on soon.

September 2004 -
After deciding I simply missed my old wagon (94 Taurus) too much, I began searching for a B-Body wagon. I didn't have to look too long or far to find the perfect wagon.

Where did I find the car? Well, a guy in Amherst, VA was selling his '96 Roadmaster. I don't think there is a straight body panel on the car but, for a New Jersey car, it had very little rust and the engine ran beautifully. I drove down to look at the car and liked what I saw. So that weekend we drove back, picked up the car and drove the 150 miles back home.

Of course, the wagon was in need of a really good cleaning so as soon as I got him home I gave him a nice bath. As the car was not yet titled and tagged, I spent the next couple weekends as time permitted cleaning more of the car and working on the interior.

Take a look at the pictures below, you'll notice different wheels. The car came with the standard Roadmaster wheels but the tires were practically bald. I was fortunate to have recently purchased a set of Caprice sedan wheels on which were practically new tires. I took them with me when we picked up the car and mounted the wheels for the ride home. I liked them well enough that I decided to leave them on.

That broken and beat up grille was really bothering me so I got a new one, it looks so much better. I got some new lower chrome trim to replace the dented stuff and a replacement fender for the drivers side is coming soon. 'First base' and 'home plate' have been removed and I've painted that white PVC so it looks a little more in place. I'm done removing the AIR system and have the computer reprogrammed.

These four pictures were taken at the previous owners home.
Oh, look closely and you'll see the SS in the background of the second picture above, all nice and clean!.

Here are a couple pictures taken the day I got it home and washed up.

Here is a shot of the cleaned up interior, not bad.

This shot was taken of the new grille I just installed, I got this photo idea from another Roadmaster owner on the SS Forums.

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