1992 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Another random eBay search led me to a '92 Olds Cruiser in Tennessee. This one was red, fairly well equipped and looked to be in pretty decent shape. I read on and noticed the miles. Less than 70,000 original AND ONE OWNER miles! Continuing I came across the pictures. Exterior looked clean, some minor blemishes but nothing serious. Then, the interior. Wow, one of the best interiors I have seen in one of these wagons, I would say about a 9.5 out of 10. Original floor mats, beautiful carpet, nice seats. No cracks or scratches in the usual places. No underside pictures so I emailed the dealer. He claimed it was very clean underneath.

So I made an offer on the car and by the end of the evening, we had made a deal. I talked with a friend of mine in South Carolina about possibly helping me transport the car. This would not really save me money but would reduce the risk of damage to the car by a transporter. so a deal was made, I paid for the car and he worked on scheduling the transport. The car was driven from TN to his home in SC. A complete detailing of the car was done before it was driven the last leg home several weeks later.

A new coat of paint and a repair to the dent in the tailgate is just about all this car will need to be almost perfect. I don't think this one will even get a tint job like most of them do, I just want to keep it in it's original state.

Nothing much to say here. Nice low mile creampuff.

Dealer shot of 'Red'

Some bad flaking of the paint, probably to do some 'park by feel' maneuvers.

I'll post up some more pictures when spring gets here and I have oportunity. Hopefully I can get started on the body/paint work next year as well!

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