1992 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Well it would figure that just as I get close to making Project CC roadworthy, I get the opportunity to purchase what I was looking for to begin with. A 1992 Custom Cruiser. This one was previously owned by another member of WAIL, the DC area Impala club. He purchased it from the original owner making me the third. While the car needed some work, mostly cosmetic, the price was right and with only one exception (POSI Rear) has everything I wanted on it.

With the acquisition of the '92, I now have three of these wagons. Naming them becomes slightly more difficult thus, the '92 is named very originally, 'Blue'. The above picture shows Blue cleaned and waxed with 'Red' and 'RoadMonster' looking on.

Well enough about why, on to the car and some pics!

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Thanks for looking!

A solo shot of 'Blue'. The pushbar and lights will be removed once I get a replacement front bumper cover.

Engine compartment. 'Blue' has the 5.7L (350CID) V8 engine. I need to work on the hood insulation and fixing the air intake so it fits right.

This pic is kinda blurry but you can see that the seats have begun to tear. I have a replacement set from my parts car which will be installed as soon as I get some minor work done on them.

'Blue' has some minor dents in the sheet metal.

I'm hoping to be able to get them fixed by a PDR guy.

Whether that's possible or not, I'll eventually have the whole car repainted.

Mod's Repairs and Such
'Blue' get's personalized

When purchased, the wheel center caps had "SS" stickers on them. This being an Oldsmobile, I wanted to stick with appropriate logos. I ordered Olds logo stickers to replace the SS stickers. These, aren't the original wheels, they're 15X7 truck ralley wheels they were also used as 9C1 or police use wheels. I hope to have an OEM set of wheels on the car by summer.

I was fortunate to have acquired another 92 Custom Cruiser last fall as a parts car. It was not fixable unfortunately. Fortunately though, the front seats were the same color as 'Blue' and in nearly perfect condition. I had the seats restitched for only $100! Some leather conditioner and in the car they went.

After burning my hands on the steering wheel in RoadMonster last summer I was determined to have some decent window tinting in 'Blue'. I found a nice guy to deal with not too far from where I work, he was even willing to do half the car at a time to help break up the cost. Here you can see that the cargo area has been done. 15% tint was installed here. I love the look and hope to have the door windows done soon.

One of my fellow Forum members recently purchased a Custom Cruiser but didn't keep the wheels on it. A local friend and WAIL member brought them back from Florida for me. The clear coat was already stripped off of them so they looked pretty dull but were in GREAT shape.

I bought a Mother's PowerBall and some wheel polish and went to work. The shined up beautifully! Here are two of them before I mounted them on the car.

Here is a picture of the wheels on the car. I have since sealed the alloys using Zoops Seal which was highly recommended by other Forum members. I also repainted the 'Rocket' logos on the hub caps. An updated pic of them will come soon.

At WagonFest 06 I picked up a new dash face for 'Blue'. Here, I have removed the face and am performing some cleanup and maintenance of the underlying parts.

Fred (of North Star Auto Sales) was kind enough to find me a used OEM CD player. I had it repaired by a GM authorized repair company and here it is installed. These are surprisingly difficult to find for the Olds wagons. And since I'm going for an original look I preferred this to an aftermarket unit.

While the dash face is off, I removed and dissasembled the Electronic Climate Control. A previous owner spilt something sticky (probably soda or coffee) and several of the buttons would occasionaly stick. I also decided to go ahead and replace all of the backlight bulbs while the components are easily accessible. GM currently charges over $6 each for these things!!!!

Christmas 2006 update! Here are the center caps with the Rocket logo painted red as they should be.

Rebuilt dash here all reassembled. Came out quite well actually. Yeah, I know the steering wheel looks awful, it's on the list.

Spring 2007 - Here is the replacement bumper I got while in New York last summer. As you can see the clearcoat is not in great shape so I'll slap some paint on it as a temporary fix.

All painted! I know the color isn't a match but it should blend in better than the light blue.

Old bumper removed! It was in HORRIBLE shape, bondo everywhere. You can see the bumper support is in good condition but a bit rusty.

I properly cleaned off the surfaces of the bumper support and applied POR-15. This should protect the support and keep the rust from causing problems later. While I had things apart, I put a new piece of chrome trim on the wheel well and replaced the sticky power antenna.

New bumper on for a test fit. It was amazing some of the crappy work done by whomever "fixed" the old bumper previously. I thankfully had a bunch of spare bolts and nuts from my parts cars.

New bumper installed and bolted down along with the new chrome trim and antenna.

June 2007 - New hood and paint, pics coming!

This "hole" was torn into the floorpan by one of the previous owners. I have a floorpan which was cut from the parts car (link above), it will be grafted in to fix this nasty-ness.

Here 'Blue' has it's seats and carpet removed and ready for the bodyshop (link below) to install the new pans. Drivers seat reinstalled for the drive to town. Talk about a noisy car with no carpet!

New floorpan installation and Dynamat is just about done, pictures when completed!

January 2008 - Way overdue for an update here! Last summer (June) a new hood was installed on 'Blue'. At the same time the hood, grille and front bumper were painted the correct color. The next month 'Blue' cruised to New York for the Third Annual WagonFest car show. I am now waiting for Lady Killer Designs to complete the next phase of restoration, replacement floor pans and Dynamat installation. I hope to have pictures uploaded shortly after I get the car back!

...and repairs continue..............

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