1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

I've always wanted a Cadillac. So when the time came to repalce the "backup car" for my daily driver (96 Roadmaster) I thought a Fleetwood would give me the chance at a Caddy and give me a complete set of the last gen B-Body cars. Well, the Fleetwood is actually a D-Body since it's been streched to make it longer than it's B-Body brothers. But under that fancy skin, it's very similar. Open the hood and you'll immediately recognize the same good ole LT1 engine which powers my SS and Roadmaster.

I don't have any big plans for him as yet. I've already started working on the few issues the car has. Nothing huge for a 12 year old car who spent 8 of those years baking in the Florida sun. Florida cars are known for their clean undercarriages and this is no exception. Unfortunately the side effects are that the top and interiors tend to be a little less pristine. The interior of mine was protected mostly thanks to tinting done to the windows early on. The dash is starting to show some signs of sun damage but it's not horrible. The tint did it's job and protected the remainder of the interior but in the process it was practically ruined. One window had more recent tint and was VERY obvious. The remaining windows had turned purple and the rear showed some ugly bubbles. The viynl top is okay but it starting to show some small holes and tears. Replacement or removal will have to be done in the next year or two. The only other issues are a mis-matched chrome panel on the drivers door. I've found a replacement and will install that when it gets here and time permits. The biggest problem with the car is a leaky trunk. After lying inside the trunk with a hose outside, I found that the water was getting in through the bottom of the rear glass behind the lower trim. I removed the trim and re-sealed the window with some silicone and hope to try out my sealing job soon.

Well on to the good stuff! Below are some pictures of the car. The first few pictures were taken by Fred of North Star Auto which is from where I bought the car. The remaining pictures were taken after the car was cleaned up and repairs begun.

Thanks for looking and enjoy! Click the pic for the big version.

Fred's Pictures

Nice clean Caddy for sale. Sold!

Light beige interior, pain to keep clean, but very nice!

The beloved LT1 engine. Completely stock..... for now.

Fixing up the Land Yacht

A friend of mine, came up with this license plate idea.

Cleaned and waxed. Nice and shiny!

Old purple tint removed, new 35% tint installed.

Finally got the "S" pipe installed. Intake is done, at least until I think of something else. I also have the Corvette fuel rail covers to be installed when I have time.

August 2007. White wall tires! Like a Cadillac should have!

January 2008. Installed a Roadmaster climate control unit. Here is the initial installation. I tried a mixture of the original Caddy buttons as well as some of the Roadmaster buttons to see how it looks.

Well more stuff coming as I'm able to get more done! With cold weather upon us, probably won't get much more done until spring.

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